BeeTV v2.2.2 Released for Android with Optimised UI on TV & Editor’s Choice Section

BeeTV v2.2.2 is the most recent release from the developers with the most awaited improvements. Now you will get an improved and optimized User Interface on your TV if you are using BeeTv on FireStick. It means that you can search for your favorite movies and tv shows easily on your smart tv.

“Optimised Code for Faster Link Resolve” is yet another awesome feature that will definitely help you get links from various publicly available sources for your queries. It means that the search time for the movies and tv shows you would like to watch will be less than what it was earlier.

BeeTV 2.2.2

Editor’s Choice Section is one more improvement in this update which is the finest move from the developers that can help you organize your favorite content on your Android phone.

Download BeeTV v2.2.2 Latest Version for Android & FireStick & PC [Windows/Mac]

Download the updated apk file from the link provided below or you can also update the app inside the UI itself. This update is very special and I can say that without any doubt.

Forgot to tell you about three more features,

Bugs Fixed: It is evident that you the app has got a new shape, small errors and bugs got fixed for improved user experience.

“Direct/CDN Links” have been added and improved for easy link resolution. Download the app now from the link shared above and install it on your Android phone to experience the brand new improvement.

Internal Player has got a new shape and new performance improvements this time. Added “Clock” for better content organization. On/Off Subtitles for all the movies and tv shows of different languages are easily inside the internal player. That’s so cool right? that’s exactly what I felt.

How To Install BeeTV v2.2.2 on Android

  1. Download the apk file from the download link provided above.
  2. Remove the old version from your phone.
  3. Tap “BeeTV_v2.2.2.APK” by going to the “Downloads” folder.
  4. Hit “Next” and click “Install” to carry out the installation.

The installation will take some time to completely finish the update. Stay connected for the future updates for the beetv app, we will update this page/website if there is an update from the app developers, thanks.

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